On Jose Bold’s fly by night production of Spidermann

There’s not much shelf life to a review of Spidermann, Jose Bold’s fly-by-night lampoon of the disastrous $65 million Spider Man Broadway musical that’s languished in mediocre overpriced previews while stars keep getting injured and set pieces keep falling to… uh… pieces.

Spidermann only has a quick three-show run at the Satori Loft, the last of which is this Saturday, and that’s it. Such a quick run and disappearance is part of the idea behind John Osebold’s latest creative child, to create and quickly extinguish something far better than something far more expensive. So I won’t go into a ton of detail, but I can’t help but mention a show I had a lot of fun watching with dozens of other theatregoers.

With about 1/1,000,000 of the Broadway musical’s budget, John Osebold assembled a small, talented cast and threw together a 50-55 minute comic parody of both the Spider Man story and the failed Broadway musical, the adult theatre equivalent of kids throwing toys together and creating a play-pretend world with action figures.

Ray Tagavilla’s deadpan comic timing as “Peter Parkre” and the clever writing was funny enough, but a couple parts, Radioactive Steve Winwood and the aptly dubbed Mary Jane Taymor, had a rotating cast for different nights. And Friday night’s show drew the smooth musical and comedic talents of Mark Siano, who had us in stitches with as little as a look, a turn, or one well timed word… along with a passionate medley of Steve Winwood’s greatest hits. Ivory Smith was this night’s Mary Jane Taymor, and her funniest moments came in large part from her awkwardness in moments where her scripted actions and character aloofness were far out of place for the moment, and from the reactions her strangeness drew from Tagavilla’s Parkre.

While not as campy as some of the $65 million show’s recent additions, it’s got a lot of funny stuff going for it and is definitely worth a night of your time.

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