Monthly Archives: April 2012

Once again I’m back after a long layoff. I’ll just post a brief month over month recap.

November: Clown workshops, and furious prep of my Crap the Clown piece, which would ultimately get accepted into Not All Clowns Are Bozos IV after an early December audition. Also continued weekly improv practice with the group that would become Wonderland Improv, practice that continues to this day.

December: Not much theatre. Wonderland test drove their wares at U.P.’s Womb Escape event with limited results. I began a jogging plan via Hal Higdon’s approach of starting at running 1.5 uninterrupted miles as slowly as necessary via putting one foot in front of the other. I would eventually build up to 2.5 miles before theatre life intervened and created a schedule so busy I had to table the jogging.

January: Began rehearsals for the clown piece, but did not do a whole bunch during this month, especially during the snow days.

February: Prepared two monologues for the TPS Generals auditions and hit my head hard on a glass ceiling. Spent a week at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, plus did workshops with Joe Bill, Marz Timms and Twinprov and met a ton of cool improv people. More rehearsal for the clown show. Also auditioned for and (after much ado) got cast in Annex Theatre’s Sideshow.

March: Wonderland started the month with their debut show, to spectacular and nearly sold out results at Odd Duck Studio. Began formally practicing Forrest yoga as well as Pilates, with weekly classes for each discipline after work. Rehearsals and a bit of creative-direction drama for the clown show, which eventually all worked out. Rehearsals and joy for Sideshow.

April: Had a blast performing as Crap the Clown at Not All Clowns Are Bozos IV for large and enthusiastic crowds. More rehearsals and joy for Sideshow. More weekly Forrest yoga and more Pilates. Took part in the excellent improv return of Duo Night at the reopened Market Theater.