What’s going on with me?

Training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon!

February: 125.0 miles. After the F3 Half Marathon and Chiberia derailed some training volume, I was able to get back at it in earnest during the last few weeks. Now at 40-45 miles per week on 8.5 hours of running per week, with long runs in the 13-15 mile range and rising.

Anticipated peak distance on the latter should be about 18-21 miles, and anticipated peak volume should be about 50-55 miles. I expect March to top 200 miles easy.

Started speed and tempo work in my Vancouver training. Currently developing haul-run quality training techniques that will allow me to suitably, safely and productively do most tempo workouts despite the weight I have to carry home after work.

As the weather warms and the sun rises earlier I am hoping to do more early morning training in lieu of postwork evening runs. We’ll see how well it fits.

Upcoming Chicagoland races I endorse:

CARA Lakefront 10. April 13, 2019. Montrose Field and Lincoln Park.

My favorite race. The annual 10 Mile running season appetizer begins on Wilson Avenue near the Montrose Track and weaves through northern Lincoln Park before heading south on the Lakefront and Lincoln Park Trails, boomeranging around the Diversey Lagoon and then returning north for its signature finish: You run up and down Cricket Hill, then run around the Montrose Track to the finish line.

They also hold a 5K if you want to join friends at the event but not run the full 10 miles.

I will absolutely be here. I’m already registered! I ran last year’s race as a Vancouver marathon tempo workout, and still PR’d by about 6 minutes. I’ll probably run it more as a race, much in line with my recently discussed 10 Miler strategy.


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