What’s going on with me?

Preparing for winter, my favorite season to run in Chicago!

Upcoming races I endorse:

Art Van Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving morning (9am). Lincoln Park.

This popular race’s course, which begins on a shut-down lane of Lake Shore Drive before looping back to the start/finish via the Trails, gets pretty crowded. While not a dealbreaker, there’s a key issue for runners who do the 8K:

The 5K course breaks off from the 8K course after about a mile… but then re-joins the 8K course in the final mile. This means slow 5K runners end up directly in the path of faster 8K runners finishing their race.

This is one case where if you’re looking to run a more serious race I’d recommend the sidecar distance, the 5K, over the main 8K course. They’re the same price at $40, and you won’t get blockaded at the end of the race by slower runners.

There are of course Turkey Trots all over Chicagoland on Thanksgiving, but this one’s right in town for those who live on the near north side.

The Tour De Trails. 3rd Saturday of December 2018 through March 2019. Rockford, IL.

The Rockford Road Runners will host a monthly winter series of progressively longer trail races in state parks surrounding Rockford, about 90 miles west of Chicago.

The first race is a 3 miler on December 15 at the Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve. The January race is 6 miles, the next one after that 9 miles, and the finale is 12 miles. You see them working?

The shorter races are currently $25 with the longer races at $30, and you can sign up for all four at once for $110.

I’m confirmed to do all four races and am looking forward to them all. I’m doing these as tune up races leading into Vancouver 2019.

New Year’s Eve 5K. The last day of 2018. Lincoln Park.

Chicago Sport and Social Club hosts this race. The only thing that may keep me from doing this is the possibility of a new job with a company whose office does not close for New Year’s Eve.

I don’t mind working (I actually do really like what they’d have me doing), but it would preclude my participation in what looks like a fun 5K on a simple, familiar course around the Diversey Lagoon. Anyone who lives nearby can basically run the course for training whenever they’d like.

F^3 Lake Half Marathon. January 26, 2019. Soldier Field and the South Lakefront Trail.

Pretty much everyone in Chicago seeking to do a winter half end up doing this race, and for good reason. Accessible, few frills, relatively inexpensive, and on familiar turf along the southern Lakefront Trail.

I ran F3 last year on the front end of Vancouver training, mostly as a long training run, and largely enjoyed it. I’ll probably run it this year as a more serious race.

CARA Lakefront 10. April 13, 2019. Montrose Field and Lincoln Park.

My favorite race. The annual 10 Mile running season appetizer begins on Wilson Avenue near the Montrose Track and weaves through northern Lincoln Park before heading south on the Lakefront and Lincoln Park Trails, boomeranging around the Diversey Lagoon and then returning north for its signature finish: You run up and down Cricket Hill, then run around the Montrose Track to the finish line.

They also hold a 5K if you want to join friends at the event but not run the full 10 miles.

I will absolutely be here. I’m already registered! I ran last year’s race as a Vancouver marathon tempo workout, and still PR’d by about 6 minutes. I’ll probably run it more as a race, much in line with my recently discussed 10 Miler strategy.

New Balance has a couple of current deals I’d like to share:

New Balance shoes are a big, reliable part of my shoe collection. They’re running a couple of deals through next week.

Enter the code BOUNTY at checkout and get 15% off along with free shipping, through Sunday 11/17.

If you own an American Express card and don’t mind paying for an order with it, you can get free 2 day shipping with the code AMEX through 11/21.

Head over to New Balance and check out what they’ve got. I’m a particular fan of the Vazee line of shoes, which are lighter weight, soft fitting, and designed for racing and higher volume speedwork.

Training: Resumed running 10/22/2018, following a two week break after the Chicago Marathon. Along with some longer runs, I’ve done a lot of shorter, quicker incidental runs, especially during work breaks.

Only running about 25 miles per week, and taking 2-3 days off per week, though the comfortable pace on these runs has substantially improved to an average of around 9:30 per mile.

Once I begin the next serious training cycle I’m looking to ramp up to 50+ miles per week.

Life: My client’s data analysis project has turned into a full-time Analyst role. The indefinite bridge to my next career has officially been crossed.

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