About the author

Steven Gomez is a working class theatrical experimentalist living in Chicago, IL. Having studied and performed theatre during high school and his early college days in Las Vegas, he moved to Seattle in 2004 and returned to theatre in the fall of 2010 after an 11 year hiatus.

Along with acting, training and volunteering with the Seattle theatre community, Steven studied and developed his skills in comedic improv, co-founded and practiced with Wonderland Improv, trained in Meyerhold’s Biomechanics and clown theatre with George Lewis and later performed a solo clown piece at Not All Clowns Are Bozos IV.

After his experience with modern dancer Jenna Bean Veatch’s production of Sideshow, he turned his practice towards dance, combining his diverse theatre experience and newfound dance experiences to experiment with the limits of dance plus theatre and explore uncharted artistic territory. He was also a 2012 artist in residence at Seattle arts house Studio Current.

Steven produced his theatrical storytelling solo show Drawn Dead at the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival, worked with experimental queer performance collective GENDER TENDER through 2013-2014 (including their 2014 full length production Sync or Swim), worked with Dylan Ward on his 2013 dance theatre project Melody Nelson, and with Salt Horse on their 2014 site-specific dance theatre production Color Field at the Northwest Film Forum.

Steven moved to Chicago in December 2014. He brought Drawn Dead to the 2015 Elgin Fringe Festival and later produced the show in January 2016 at Chicago’s Crowd Theater. He now performs improv with Sosa Mimosa at the Comedy Clubhouse, as well as with independent group No Pay Internship. He also writes and performs sketch comedy as one half of Sam and Elden, with Elliot Northlake.

Steven is available for coaching and workshops in the Chicago area for theatre composition, storytelling, solo performance, and of course improvisation. He continues his experimentation and research in theatrical arts through his ongoing project, Theatre of Self Doubt.


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