The Start of 2013 Brings Residency and Developments

This weblog is about to get a lot more active as I begin my 2013 residency at Studio Current. My proposal to study process development and the fusion of multiple artistic forms (theatre, improv, dance, clown, writing/poetry, et al) was accepted. We had a preliminary meeting last night to divulge in-house logistics, and many involved have already began their respective residencies. I have a fuzzed weekly schedule surrounding a regular Monday and Wednesday night time slot.

I will be part of a Studio Lab group on Monday nights, teaming up to test out ideas, processes and the like in an interactive setting. The work in Wednesday sessions will be up to me. I have options with shared time slots available on other nights, which will be utilized on a touch and go basis.

Here I plan to document ongoing work, ideas and process related to this research.

I also was offered a role co-starring in Xan Scott’s upcoming show “Apocalypse Clown!” which will perform at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA (Feb 27-Mar 9) as well as the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in the eponymous capitol city of Manitoba Canada (July 17-28), as well as a local preview of the show in mid-February. So I shortly begin rehearsals for that run of shows as well.

That is all for now. This is a lot to digest.

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