No, I Don’t Think I Have Improv Figured Out

Too often, because I tend to have a somewhat informed opinion on improv and how to do it (not to mention other subjects), it’s sometimes possible I give off the false impression that I consider myself some sort of hot shit improv know it all. Lately it’s been brought (privately) to my attention that some in Chicago may feel negatively about the ideas I’ve shared in text about doing improv. Thankfully, this is a small number of people, but involves people I have enough respect for that I feel this bears addressing.

At the risk of coming across as excessively defensive, I’ll say this for the umpteenth (and what certainly will not be the last) time, and I’ll even make it boldface for emphasis:

Don’t take anything I have ever said or written as anything other than my somewhat experienced, informed opinion. You are welcome to agree or disagree, and certainly welcome to do things your own way if you please. The only thing I insist upon is that you not construct or hold any ill will over what I say or write.

I have done a lot of improv and learned a lot about improv, and am always learning. I improvised in Seattle for a few years, even in diverse styles and formats outside of traditional improv. I have helped coach and run groups during that time, and am training extensively in Chicago with the open mindset that I can always learn and improve.

Though I came to Chicago with a lot of knowledge and skill, I’ve learned a lot of new things since I arrived here last winter, and continue to do so. I walk into every class or rehearsal with the idea that I’ve got more to learn, I’m never too good for anything, and with the goal of getting better.

Be positive and productive. Thanks for reading.

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