No more school night 10pm rental shows, effective immediately

Effective immediately, for various personal reasons, I will no longer participate in or produce any 10pm rental shows on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This goes with my (unspoken, but now documented) moratorium on all midnight shows.

Obviously, Friday and Saturday 10pm shows are fine. Obviously, any show that ends by 10:30pm on any night is fine. This includes pretty much any 8pm or 8:30 show and even some 9pm shows.

If I were to end up on a Harold team or something similar, and I had to do a 10pm or 10:30pm school-night show for that, this would be okay.

While I won’t produce or participate in these shows, I’ll consider attending such shows on a case by case basis, though given the enactment of this rule you can probably figure out the odds that I’ll attend (odds that BTW go down the more I have to pay to attend said show).

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