A new home

I just moved into a new studio apartment. It’s about the same cost as my share of the 2-bed I just left, and not only do I get the benefit of my own space but the quality of the new place is MUCH better in just about every way. It’s not a luxury condo or anything, but everything’s clean, working and well maintained. I’m closer to supermarkets than I was before, closer to the Lakefront than I was before, farther from the craziness of Wrigleyville and Boystown, my new neighbors are relatively chill adults who don’t throw late night ragers like my former neighbors, the management and maintenance staff are readily available and easy to work with, and the parking isn’t any more difficult than it was before.

It helped me realize that for the last 20 months I never really felt comfortable at home. Problems kept arising at home time and again regarding things breaking or not working, never minding any roommate issues. And that had a substantial effect in the pursuit of projects, ambitions and other endeavors. I pushed ahead for about a year after arriving, but even towards the end of my training anything outside of home and work felt like a grating chore, something that was getting in the way of the few moments I had to breathe. A big part of that is that being at home never provided much comfort or relaxation. There was a constant waiting for the other shoe to drop. And that can wear you down after a while.

I’m currently worn out for a different reason: A week of packing, moving boxes/bags/furniture, and dealing with logistics has left me physically tired. Everything is done save for receiving my items from storage, which I can do anytime before December. Though I had hoped this Labor Day weekend to start a workout regimen I was interested in, the weariness and bruises throughout my body tell me I need to rest this weekend. So, probably Monday!

But mentally, emotionally, ambition-wise, I’m looking forward to getting back to work this fall on things I left behind last spring. Along with a new start in a new home, I feel like I now have a comfortable home base from which to pursue everything.

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  1. mamagomez says:

    Great news, being comfortable at home is a
    beautiful recharge to each new day.

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