Sorry not sorry for the absence

No, having to abort the Vancouver Marathon didn’t gut me that badly. While disappointing, it was again the right decision in that moment. I had felt ill plus hadn’t slept well in the previous days leading into it, plus temperatures for the race were unusually warm.

In reality, I disappeared because a lot happened in my life around that time (including a job change). And in resuming full training shortly thereafter I simply didn’t feel like writing further.

I have been training, and in fact just logged 20 miles ahead of my participation in the Chicago Marathon on 10/7/18. Again, with a lot to manage in my personal life I decided to just keep training simple and not dwell too much on anything.

I now feel I’m in a position to start writing regularly again. While I’ll have some thoughts on running I do want to give myself permission to branch out into other subjects going forward. So expect to see some non-running material in addition to the running material going forward.

More to come.

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