A quick review of the Las Vegas and Henderson Planet Fitness locations I have visited

PFGraphicSince returning to Vegas I have worked out at multiple Planet Fitness locations throughout town (I have a Black Card membership which allows me to visit any location). Depending on where I work or commute, these various locations have been convenient for me to visit.

I’m not exactly checking off a bucket list of PF locations, but I realize I’ve visited enough of them to provide a useful contrast and comparison of those locations (plus they’re on a nicer side of town and thus may get more outside visitors). As time goes on and I visit more locations in town, I’ll add to this. But here’s a rundown of the locations I have visited and worked out at:

PF Silverado Ranch

  • The largest of the locations I’ve visited, and probably the most popular as well.
  • Strength training on Monday through Wednesday nights can be a challenge given the crowds. Even with a lot of space it’s a challenge to find space or a bench to do free weight work.
  • Like many locations it’s dead on Saturday and Sunday nights, making those good nights to train here.
  • As many crowded PF locations do, you do get a larger share of douchey regulars.
  • Though this is the only Vegas location where I’ve heard the Lunk Alarm go off, no staff have ever responded to it.
  • That said, the staff are chill and otherwise engaged.
  • The class instructor here is also the most consistently active and engaged of those I’ve seen in town (she also works out here regularly when off the clock), so this may be a good place for beginners to do a PF class.
  • The parking lot is a pain in the ass to get into and out of (the nearby businesses are also popular and draw a lot of seedy, loitery traffic), and is honestly a big deterrent from my visiting this location more often.

PF Whitney Ranch

  • This location on Sunset and Whitney Ranch is one I visit frequently as I currently work near it.
  • This is a smaller and busy location, but staff are friendly and it doesn’t seem dauntingly crowded
  • For the amount of space they actually have a large amount of strength and cardio machines, even if the layout ends up a bit cramped in the strength or 360 areas.
  • That said, there’s a bit less variety in available clip-handles for the cable machines than other locations.
  • Generally the air conditioning is a bit cooler for cardio here than other gyms (many tend to keep the A/C hot which is bad for extended cardio).
  • Note that the 360 section (which is consistently busy) has no foam rollers, though they do have multiple BOSU balls which many locations don’t have.
  • This parking lot is smaller and not difficult to park in, but like Silverado it’s a bit of a pain to get out of unless you’re heading east on Sunset.

PF Pecos McLeod

  • With the smallest footprint of the gyms I’ve visited, this layout is understandably cramped.
  • The back row of treadmills are almost right up to the front windows, and as many smaller locations do they have a very limited spin bike selection. The treadmill situation could be a problem during summer days when the sun is shining through the windows.
  • The 30 Minute station has a neat semi-circle layout working with the storefront’s design.
  • The staff are quite nice and easy going.
  • Parking is easier than the other locations given the old-school commercial center’s ample parking and extended layout.
  • They’re more willing to run the air cool here than other locations, so cardio workouts (aside from the window situation on hotter sunny days) may be more comfortable here.
  • But the cramped layout can make strength training a challenge when any number of other people are present.

PF Old Henderson

  • This location is new and fairly spacious.
  • Staff (who are still getting their feet wet) are super friendly.
  • Note that unlike other locations they do not take American Express for purchases.
  • The ceiling has the big fans you see at many locations but the effects are modest and it can get kind of warm in there (this might be a great location to visit during the dead of winter).
  • The weight machine and dumbbell areas have a lot of open space, and the mat areas also have plenty of open space.
  • The entry/exit area is designed with a bit of a bottleneck, and this is for security reasons. So as spacious as it looks you do need to walk to a particular point to exit.
  • Along with the 30 minute workout area, they also have a 12 Minute Abs workout section, which I haven’t seen elsewhere. The 12 Minute Abs workout might actually be a great fit for a lot of people, and make this a good location to visit.
  • The locker room has a slightly weird layout where you need to walk right through the middle of the locker area to get to the toilets rather than bypass them. It’s not a huge deal but it may take you by surprise at first look.
  • As long as you know to use the signaled shopping center intersection on Lake Mead Pkwy, it shouldn’t be too hard to get in and out of here.

PF Arroyo Crossing:

– While not as small as Pecos McLeod, this is one of the more cramped locations in town.

– The layout is similar to Whitney Ranch, with the weight machines along the left wall (relative to the entrance), the cardio machines throughout the remainder, with the 360 area in the back right corner. The 30 minute station is crammed into the back left corner.

– They have plenty of treadmills and ellipticals. No ARC Trainers. Very few spin and recumbent bikes, and only three rowing machines. All of these are crammed very close together and to the aisles.

– The staff are mostly indifferent. The resident trainer is bit too involved and nosy. Depending on who you are, he may leave you alone or he may bother you.

– They either have one of the poorer HVACs among PFs in town, or they’re tight with the thermostat. It does get hot in here.

– Being cramped, it does get crowded during afternoon rush hour and weekends. Cardio machines are typically available but the weight section becomes an obstacle course of bodies.

– Parking is abundant, as the gym’s on the far west end of the large Arroyo Crossing shopping complex. However, reportedly they’ve had substantial problems with break-ins in the lot, so be warned and make sure to avoid leaving anything valuable in sight in your vehicle.

PF Mountains Edge:

– One of the newer locations, and very spacious. Even with a crowd, it typically never feels crowded. They did a good job spreading out the weight machines and benches.

– Staff are friendly and/or helpful here. I’ve found them to be among the better PF staff in town.

– No ARCs here either but there are a ton of every other cardio machine (treadmill, elliptical, spin/recumbent bike, rowing machines, stairmaster). You probably shouldn’t ever need to wait for anything.

– The 360 section is a bit tiny, the 30 minute section not as much, and there’s more mat space than usual in the ab section.

– This PF has probably the best summer air conditioning in Vegas. It actually feels cool during the summer.

– The parking lot is a bit cumbersome to get into and out of but there’s plenty of parking, and there’s quite a few restaurants in this complex plus an Albertson’s.

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