A quick work/life update.

I am starting a new full-time position next week, a full-time consultant role where I step in with an agency’s local clients on a generally 2-3+ month basis assisting with accounting, admin and analysis needs, as well as working with the agency on filling staff with the client as needed.

It’s a more actionable version of what I did as a temp for years prior to working in education, and I’ll have more of a direct role in addressing client staffing concerns and agency/client objectives. I’m looking forward to a role far more engaged and directly relevant to my skills and experience than my last role. Plus, it’s a combination of my prior temp career, with the more advanced skillset of my prior full-time careers.

Going back to work follows about 7 weeks out of work, which I certainly put to good use in the interim with a lot of training and recovery.

Since I’ll mainly be working with standard offices, this means I get to return to the traditional 8 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule with standard holidays off. I actually began to miss it after several months on my prior, unconventional work schedule.

I will now commute every day again, after being remote for a good portion of the last few months. There are advantages to what should be a hassle, and the biggest applies to what’s left of the Vegas Indian Summer as well as next summer: Offices are typically air conditioned, and I may no longer have to struggle through midday heat in thinly insulated conditions.

This also will re-regiment my daily diet, which had been variable, unpredictable and a bit challenging to maintain during the last few weeks, despite more freedom. Having to bring a healthy lunch to work (in this role, eating out will be too much of a hassle) will help with nutritional consistency and energy levels.

Also, as you’d hope, it pays more than my last job. And my last job paid okay, so this is good news. The last couple months were understandably lean financially as I stretched out my savings to cover needed expenses. Working part of this month, I should be able to stretch out and cover October. Once I get a full set of paychecks in November, I’m once again in good shape with savings, as the job will allow me to save while paying down debt on schedule.

I’m looking forward to it all.


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