Checking In 7/30/2021

Woke up late after sleeping in so I have to hurry on this one….

Vegas is very overcast this morning after more monsoon weather rolled in last night. I like this weather, and am almost bummed that it’s supposed to be cloudy in Vegas this weekend. But I’m happy to go experience (hopefully run) in some 50-60 degree morning temps instead.

It may also be the last best chance to travel out of town for a bit, if Delta variant Coronavirus conditions cause a rumored lockdown or restrictions in a couple weeks. I may be forced to tough out treadmill long runs for a bit… presuming gyms stay open (which I believe they probably will).

Given how the Delta situation rolled through Europe so far, it may be a quick wave of restrictions, so I’m not too concerned about Indy being cancelled. I have other training plans and projects for after Indy, and if somehow it was wiped out I could just pivot into those. But again I’m not expecting a cancellation for now.

Meanwhile, my hamstring is actually feeling mostly better, lingering soreness hinting that it’s still healing up. My left groin is still a bit sore, and I’ll continue taking things carefully today and obviously during tomorrow’s scheduled day off (which is also a travel day: lots of sitting!).

I’ve been sitting on the Orb Mini much of the last couple days and have noticed a big positive difference in how my leg feels from that constant fascia stimulus.

I actually overslept this morning after having trouble getting to sleep last night, so I managed not to lose much sleep despite it.

At the gym last night I did a bunch of rehab exercises and stretches, focusing on engaging the psoas and iliacus as well as obviously the glutes (medius and maximus). However, I think the lack of aerobic training was a reason why I had trouble getting to sleep last night, so tonight I plan to cross train again since tomorrow my plan is to drive and do nothing other than walk.

If I’m feeling good, I will take a work break test run this morning. Obviously I’ll shut it down the moment I feel any sort of undue pain or stiffness outside of simple soreness. But hopefully it goes fine and progress will continue.

Not leaving tonight but will drive out early tomorrow morning, so I’ll have tonight to relax a bit after the gym.

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