Checking In 8/7/2021

Day off from work and training today. I’m going to make an active point to do as little as possible today (nap most likely), eat well, and see if I recover well overnight.

After hurting somewhat more yesterday, my leg is feeling a bit better today, and I’m not going to push it from there. If the issue is in fact hamstring tendinopathy, then I imagine a break from any exercise is going to help a lot. Typically I’m rather active and even on “recovery” days I’m training, exercising, moving quite a bit.

If the issue doesn’t substantially improve before Monday I’m even open to not training at all and just reading on the recumbent bike at the gym all week, until running becomes an easy task once again. I’d like to not have to tiptoe around possible pain every time I get up and move around. Tendinopathy is an overwork issue and fairly simple to resolve when you’re durable: Just rest and let it heal. It’s not the chronic problem it is for most people when you’re durable and smart about training.

I had booked a half marathon in Milwaukee for Labor Day weekend, but with that now 4 weeks away and with my situation, even if I heal fairly quickly it’s a bit dicey to try and get ready for that in that time frame. The issue brought most of my training to a dead halt, and I’d probably not be able to do more than treat it as a training run. I’d rather eat the loss of the registration fee and cancel/refund all the travel if that’s all I’ll end up doing. I’ll give it a couple weeks before making a decision on that.

And all of this never minds if Coronavirus problems end up cancelling this or Indy in November. It might almost be a relief if it does, if training isn’t going according to plan. But that would be the 3rd time Corona has wiped out a planned marathon for me, and I think at this point I’d almost rather move on to shorter races and other disciplines. Training for a marathon is a lot of work, and doing all that work for nothing multiple times is a problem. If everything’s cancelled, I’d rather not go down that road again until this situation changes, if it ever does.

And on the bright sideā€¦ if stuff starts getting cancelled soon, then I’ll have plenty of time for the hamstring and groin to heal up.

Looking forward to reading, food, and sleep today.

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