Checking In 8/10/2021

Yesterday I got a shipment for compression sleeves and a groin strap. The latter in particular is designed to support both the groin and the hamstring, which I’ve obviously had issues with over the last couple of weeks.

I strapped it on and do feel a clear difference on top of the compression shorts. I don’t feel perfect obviously, but the extra support for both parts is clear.

The sleeves were to help with a bit of lingering soreness in my left anterior deltoid, though the black color clashes with today’s attire and I’ll try them again maybe tomorrow. I did try them on and they do feel good though.

I’m once again feeling a bit better in my leg this morning, but progress remains slow and gradual. Every morning upon waking is like a bastard Christmas morning, where I’m wondering how the leg is going to feel once I’m on my feet and moving. I’d be surprised if I was feeling 100% by the end of the week, but I’m hoping to feel quite a bit better in the coming days and be back to running.

Operation Shutdown remains through today, though I’m tempted to at least jog a few meters and see if I feel any pain wearing the strap. I wasn’t totally pain free this morning, so it’s not a miracle device. But it’s a difference maker.

Yesterday I was hoping for more elliptical time than the 45 minutes I put in, but I had forgotten to bring water and having water matters as you get past 30 minutes of aerobic work in room temperature. I’m well past the point of trying to tough out workouts with no hydration, especially working back from injury. I’ll remember the water today and am hoping for a full hour at least today.

I did bookend last night’s session with about 12-13 minutes on the recumbent bike, which I was told wasn’t supposed to be painful for the hamstring, but I did feel it a bit. So while there were no issues afterward I probably won’t do the recumbent again for the time being.

I was a bit sore in the upper body so I skipped strength training last night, plus the gym was somewhat crowded anyway so mixing in the needed work would have been tough. I’m still a bit stiff so I may skip it again today unless I somehow feel markedly better by 5pm.

I planeed on another trip this weekend, but if running is still a chore come Thursday I think I’ll cancel the trip and hold out for another weekend. We’ll see.

I didn’t sleep great last night, snapping a not-so-long tow day streak of good sleep. Hopefully I can remedy that tonight.


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