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A note on peer reviewed studies

Many won’t give an idea credence unless a peer reviewed study exists that confirms it.

While this is fallacy, an appeal to authority, I am definitely not opposed to peer reviewed research. Quite the opposite. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve cited a variety of research sources in many of my pieces. I don’t make any of this stuff up. Often, when I perceive or find something to be true, I seek out research on the subject to learn more about what correlative evidence has been confirmed either way.

All of that said, I also worked in varying capacities in higher education for over 7 years, and much of that oversaw financial operations for sponsored research… actual, NSF/NIH/etc funded research. I not only reconciled expenses but also had to assist with the research reporting on those research projects.

So don’t take the following as a vilification of scientific research. I see for myself the value and process of that scientific research.

But it is worth noting that most of what we know about life hasn’t and probably won’t be scientifically researched and peer reviewed to officially stamp with approval.

To conduct peer reviewed research on a subject, any subject:

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