On intermittent fasting

So after about a week of intermittent fasting, I find that this is a good diet approach… IF you have a consistent schedule. The eat-within-an-8-hour-window schedule is harder for me to keep once evening shows/events and weekend classes came along. Preparing enough food for big meals the following day wasn’t possible. And you’ve got to eat sufficiently big meals: Eating whatever’s incidentally available doesn’t always nourish you enough to sustain you, especially if in theory it’s supposed to be your last meal for 16 hours. Intermittent fasting only works if you can eat big, satisfying and nutritious meals during the 8 hour feeding window.

The verdict: I still like intermittent fasting, and want to utilize that eating pattern wherever possible. If I can eat a big early dinner and not eat again until mid/late morning the next day, that’s a fat-burning win. It can certainly be done on the weekends. But, overall, it’s better to just eat a solid, sound diet overall and let good diet composition combined with regular workouts.


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