Drawn Dead’s Chicago run has concluded. Thanks, everyone.

I consider everyone who voluntarily walked through the door to enjoy the show a blessing. They chose to come see this show, and that’s awesome. I have no problem with anyone who didn’t. People are busy: Even when they don’t have conflicting commitments, even when they have the time and resources to make it… they face all sorts of worthwhile competing demands for their time. Sometimes they even just need a night off.

It took a while in my life for me to learn to not take it personal and not make it personal if someone didn’t attend a show of mine. The conversely abundant mindset, that whoever does come see the show is welcomed and enough, feels so much better. I definitely encourage that point of view over others.

Drawn Dead was produced mainly to give Chicago friends who wanted to see the show the opportunity to see it. I’m glad for everyone who came to see it. And if you didn’t see it, no problem.

If you’re in Chicago and ever want to see it, you got options:

– Come follow me to a festival whenever I produce it there.
– If you or someone in Chicago is willing to pay for a performance space and a board op, I’ll be happy to do it then and there.

In the meantime, thanks so much to The Crowd Theater for hosting the show and helping provide an audience.


Amidst my busy schedule, I am slowly writing a new show that I hope will be ready to produce this Fall. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m putting out applications where applicable for Drawn Dead to play at festivals in the region. There is a chance it could go live at some point this summer or fall somewhere in the Midwest, but I admit this is not an aggressive marketing effort. I wouldn’t mind shelving it for 2016, but I will bring it back for the right circumstances.

The Sketch Improv Project was postponed indefinitely in light of the sexual harassment situation in Chicago comedy. While it was a circumstantial product of current events, it was also a bit of a relief.

Right now, I’m studying improv on a quite regular basis at a few schools, performing and assisting with a couple of regular shows, and currently have my Monday nights, Thursday nights and weekend afternoons spoken for, plus most of my Friday nights. If things shake out, my Thursday nights could be a doubleheader for all of March. Monday nights already are a doubleheader through early March.

There just wasn’t a ton of available time. Needless to say, I’m in no hurry to book anything else for now. I anticipate this will change substantially after March, at which point I’ll look to expand on projects. For now, I will keep working on my current commitments, and savor what free time I can get.

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