A fringe-level sketch comedy production that I would want to create or work on:

– Develops and follows an organized process for production
– Knows and has concretely identified exactly everything the show needs to happen
– Budgets honestly for exactly everything the show needs to happen
– Casts a diverse and representative range of performers who have fun, positive attitudes towards the process
– Pays its talent no less than a significant stipend
– Is developed and ultimately written by the people who will perform it
– Creates material on its feet rather than at keyboards and laptop screens
– Does not work with people who object to and are not completely on board with such a creative process
– Meets for material generation and rehearsal at least twice a week, for about 8 weeks.
– Rehearses at a reasonable day and time during the week
– Keeps alcohol and drugs out of the creative and rehearsal process. (Obviously, drinks after meetings and shows is okay.)
– Seeks to create material that genuinely makes one another laugh
– Creates material the performers enjoy performing
– Builds and organizes its creative material around a theme
– Uses thematic material to inspire and create additional material
– Offers ample time and space to create material
– Offers an organized process through which to create material
– Offers an organized process to rehearse and polish show-ready material
– Has the creative process gradually give way to the rehearsal process
– Produces the show at a friendly, accessible performance venue
– Avoids performing at venues that are inconvenient to access.
– Charges enough for tickets to make revenue and indicate credibility.
– Doesn’t charge enough for tickets to actively turn audiences away.
– Never charges a price the performers and director themselves wouldn’t pay to see a show performed by people they don’t know.
– Does not work with venues that force the show to charge prohibitive ticket prices.
– Treats the tech process and the tech staff with the same focused respect as the creative process.
– Presumes a reachable goal of selling half the seats at full price.
– Offers discounted tickets to students and performers
– Provides each performer with one comp for each week of the show, which they can use however they wish.
– Markets the show consciously and mindfully, rather than spraying invites and promotion wherever they can.
– Focuses most show promotion on a new, outside audience
– Seeks out and markets to a new potential audience for each and every show.
– Is performed with a joyous lucidity by performers who believe in the show and don’t take a single moment on stage for granted.
– Takes any revenue beyond the budget and either invests it into subsequent shows, or pays it to performers as a bonus.


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