Running after work… and I mean right after work.

As I do most days, I walked out of work, and soon after began running.

This is actually how I’ve gotten most of my weekly training volume for the last couple years. When I worked in Evanston I would run 5-6 miles to Edgewater and catch the train home. When I worked in the Loop I would sneak through the Riverwalk onto the Lakefront Trail, maybe through Streeterville instead, and run 5-6 miles that way. Now from Goose Island I run through Lincoln Park down to the waterfront and go 4-5 miles.

Yes, I’m in my work clothes. I take off my dress shirt and tie it around my waist. I am wearing work-friendly running shoes, but otherwise I’m wearing my slacks and got my wallet/keys/etc in them. Because of this I’m usually carrying about 5-6 lbs more than I would be in typical running gear. I’m sure this helps when I run races in more dressed-down running gear.

Yes, I even do this in the dead of winter. I’m usually wearing a couple more layers during that time of year, and I might keep the dress shirt on (wearing a sweatshirt/coat over it), but it’s the same idea. It certainly warms you up!

Having previously trained after returning home like most evening runners, I’ve found this approach to regular runs a lot easier. Instead of commuting home, changing into running gear and then knocking out a run… I knock out the run right away after work, and I’m done by 7pm at the latest.

Wearing work gear and other extra weight really isn’t that annoying. And yeah, running right after work can be a tiring pain in the ass some days. But overall it’s a huge time saver and an efficient, easy way to log dozens of miles during the week.

Now, I don’t always do this. On speedwork days I typically return home and change before going to those workouts. Some easier days I’ll just return home, and then take a quick run near home later on. Every now and then I’ll be able to knock out a run in the morning instead.

But usually, I finish work, go outside, and just run home. On most weeks, it’s the easiest 25ish weekly miles I can log.


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