Checking In 7/13/2021

So I pivoted my run training a bit and here’s how:

I had little trouble getting my work break runs done while still training in the evenings, but at times these little runs were rather tough in the Vegas heat.

Today is a rest morning from work break runs. I went for a walk instead and impulsively decided (in part admittedly because I didn’t want to exceed my 15 minute break) to run a bit towards the end. This was easy to do, I was able to run fast for a little bit, and didn’t take nearly as much out of me or make me nearly as hot. It certainly helped that I walked casually for several minutes to get things flowing at a relaxed level before attempting to run.

I liked how that turned out and now I think I’ll just do this for all future work breaks… just walk for a bit and then run for a couple minutes towards the middle/end. If I’m training regularly outside of work, I don’t really need the run mileage from work breaks (average of about 10-15mi per week), though my energy is still better if I run a bit than if I just walk. It’s a great middle ground, especially with this Vegas heat.

I also switched Planet Fitness gyms. My home location was the Silverado gym nearest to my home. But I started going to the new Mountain’s Edge gym on Blue Diamond in the southwest corner of town after work, and it’s been consistently better.

  • The air conditioning at Mountain’s Edge is far better than Silverado’s warmer, more muggy conditions.
  • The treadmills at Mountain’s Edge are new and feel more comfortable to run on than the older models at Silverado.
  • It’s somewhat along the way home from work rather than requiring I go out of my way to get to Silverado. (Arroyo Crossing’s location is more direct, but lacks a lot of the other positive qualities I’m mentioning)
  • The parking lot at Mountain’s Edge isn’t the pain to navigate that it is at Silverado, nor is it crowded with riff raff from the other surrounding (and ethically questionable) businesses.
  • While this may be because it’s new and could change, the crowd at Mountain’s Edge is a lot more relaxed to be around. It’s gotten somewhat annoying at Silverado.
  • And even given I’d have to travel farther from home to get to Mountain’s Edge, it’s a relatively smooth commute compared to the shorter but more laborious route I had to take to Silverado.

I went a few times to Mountain’s Edge and now realize I only go to my old gym a couple times a week at most. I can still go to outside locations because I’m a black-card member (up to 10 times a month), so I can still go to my old location a couple times a week without penalty.

The only true loss is that Mountain’s Edge lacks ARC Trainers. But as of now I’m focused less on cross training, and as mentioned I can visit Silverado (plus, though it’s far away, the Lake Mead Henderson location has them) if I really want or need to use an ARC Trainer. I’ve also warmed up in recent months to the elliptical, which Mountain’s Edge has in spades, so it’s not a huge deal if I need to cross train full time for some reason.

Now that I’m planning to train a LOT on the treadmill, the comfort of running in a well air conditioned environment like Mountain’s Edge becomes more important. I can humidity-acclimate in the other, warmer locations when it’s closer to Indy race day. I want to escape as much heat as I can right now.


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