Checking In 8/20/2021

I had my first pain free uninterrupted work break run in 24 days!

While not feeling particularly great, I headed out yesterday for a morning work break run. I started running easy and felt no lower body pressure, struggle or distress. Usually, I’d quickly feel a bit of pressure build, which would be alleviated by the end of the 30 second run interval before taking a 30 second walk. It’s also worth noting that I had no compression shorts on; totally regular wardrobe.

I also, despite how I feel in the office, felt pretty good energy-wise. So I decided to just keep going. I could just stop and walk if the pressure or any pain came back (my Garmin watch was still beeping the 30 second alerts at me). But I was going to try and do the whole thing this time.

And I kept going! Even as I felt a hint of stiffness deep in the hamstring, there wasn’t anywhere near enough to give me pause. I made it around the circuit, back up the hill and back to the door without any problems! I also felt no pain or issue afterward walking to my desk or sitting.

There was just enough of a hint of stiffness in the hamstring yesterday that I still plan to proceed with caution. No immediate leaps into 6 mile runs, tempo repeats, or anything of the sort.

But good news: There was no pain in my groin, and no pressure buildup of any kind. None!

I felt fairly exhausted yesterday so I cut last night’s elliptical workout short at 46min. However, I did include some goblet squats on last night’s swolework, felt no pain, and this morning I once again feel no pain. The only time I feel any hint of stiffness or discomfort is when balancing on the leg while putting on pants, and it’s not even all that present.

It feels good to wake up with the normal type of workout soreness (in my quads this time) rather than whatever pain and stiffness I had in my leg the last 3 weeks. I’m going to keep with regular elliptical sessions and slowly work back into running. I may on Sunday try a more extended easy run on the treadmill to see how that feels, though the plan is to do most of that workout on the elliptical too.

If feeling okay, I’ll take a work break run this morning, and possibly more this afternoon depending on feel. I only stopped at the one yesterday out of an abundance of caution.

I do have Labor Day Weekend plans (and more on that later as things develop), so hopefully this progress continues and those will stay mostly on track. More to come.


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