Checking In 8/26/2021

Technically yesterday was a rest day, though I did some reading on the spin bike last night and ended up going a little longer and faster than anticipated. I wasn’t by any means worn out, but it did help me sleep well.

I did wake up a bit sore in muscles not typically used when running. This feels more consistent with fatigue than with injury, which is encouraging.

As I write this I do feel better now. Nowadays, the first thing in the morning feels sorer than I do once I get moving. I do plan to train tonight, and won’t be training at all tomorrow night because I’ll be driving out of town, so I’ll get a bit of a rest (provided the drive out isn’t the adventure it’s been on some prior trips).

Still, I’ll take it eaasier than planned on any work break running, an easy decision since it’s not only still a bit smoky outside but it’s getting hot again and we have another heat wave coming this weekend. While I didn’t plan to travel for this reason, it looks like I picked a good weekend to escape with more high heat coming in.

As much as I’d love to run 12 miles or more this Saturday, it might make better sense to run a full 12K workout of easy intervals, with a warm-up and cooldown, go walk to and from coffee afterward… then do a 2nd workout to be determined later in the day, like 3-6 easy miles, or an hour on the elliptical. That’d basically add up to 12+ miles of effort in a day, while playing it safer and breaking it up.

Another option is to do a full easy interval workout of about 12K, stop for breakfast and coffee and a break (with hopefully enough in the tank that I could have gone farther if I wanted)… then run easy 3-5 miles back to my lodging to make it 12-13 miles.

Another busy travel weekend ahead.

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