Checking In 8/27/2021

Hamstring started hurting a bit more last night through this morning. But I also did something stupid some leg presses and Russian Twists during swolework last night, which I’m sure aggravated the proximal tendon a bit. I have to be mindful of how that can make you feel, and that it’s not a setback. I’m just sore from a workout.

Today is a travel day so not much chance to work out tonight. I’m going out of town this afternoon for the weekend at cooler altitude. My plan tomorrow morning is to run at least 12K (7.4mi), maybe farther if I’m feeling good. More likely I’ll get coffee and breakfast after 12K, then do a lighter workout later tomorrow.

A key workout day Saturday will be my last prep for the Labor Day half next weekend, and even if I’m hurting after Saturday I could basically take the whole following week off from training to heal, go full Roger Bannister and just decide not to run at all if necessary. I’m very confident I can get to race day fully healed or close to it, and will focus next week on doing whatever is necessary to get there.

I did also go ahead and schedule at least one more weekend road trip for mid-September. Hopefully after that Vegas will begin to cool down enough that I can start doing long workouts in town, though I am open to more road trips.

Until next time, from another town.


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