Checking In 9/3/2021

Rest day yesterday, and an early exit from work today.

I took a break run this morning and will train a bit today, but also need to pack tonight so I can’t go too overboard.

On Sunday I’m anticipating up to 16 miles of running, plus at least 3 more miles of walking, since I’ll be lodging a couple miles from the start line and I will need to get to/from. Those numbers may slide up and down depending on if I have to drop out of the Half, but even if things go south (other than me running literally south towards the finish line) I’m going to log a lot of total miles and burn well over 4000 calories.

They do have a gym in town that I can use, so I will probably do some strength training while there before I fly back. Obviously I’m not planning to do much aerobic cross training while I’m thereā€¦ unless I drop out of the race in which case I’ll hit it hard to make up any difference.

Once I started hurting last month, I had somewhat regretted signing up for this race and taking this trip, but now I’m glad I’m going. I think a weekend away in a completely different locale will help me reset even more than my recent weekend getaways.

I may have some things I need to take care of when I get back, which works out with my plans to keep the schedule light for the week following the race.

Not much to say other than that. Possibly more later, but otherwise you’ll hear from me after I get to Point B.


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