Checking In 9/4/2021 from Milwaukee

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My lodging in Shorewood, WI

Hello from Milwaukee… well, more specifically, Shorewood, WI, but actually within walking distance of Milwaukee, so close enough. The flight in with brisk and pleasantly uneventful. It’s been a while since I’ve walked through and out of a mid-sized city airport that was peaceful and easy to navigate in comparison to the nightmare I’ve experienced living in Vegas, Seattle, and Chicago (plus, I tend to visit other locales whose airports are similar).

Today here in Milwaukee was overcast, very cool, and if you’re from the desert you can definitely feel the humidity. I imagine we’ll feel it tomorrow with the sun out. I’ll still gladly take it over the Vegas heat right now.

Over the last couple days I’ve consistently had a lingering butt pain, where the hamstring meets the hip, that shows up and then disappears when I lift the left leg in random ways.

While I’m not ready to throw in the towel and DNS out of a Half I made a plane trip to come run, the thought has been attractive today. I can run without pain as far as I can tell, so unless I wake up in some significant amount of pain I will probably at least go to the start line and attempt the Half.

If I get up and it doesn’t feel right, I am willing to say forget it and just make this a weekend vacation. While Milwaukee’s not exactly a tourist destination, where I’m at in Shorewood is a fairly decent location and this is a nice neighborhood. I could make a day of finding stuff. Plus, it’s not like I couldn’t run at all. I could still make a day of running however much I could while hiking and checking stuff out.

Still, let’s see what happens. I’m presuming all systems are go unless I wake up tomorrow and I shouldn’t or can’t. This turned out to be a good trip to take either way. Until tomorrow.

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