Checking In 9/8/2021

This post is a little later in the day, as I’m now trying to work out in the mornings and there’s not as much time to write.

Though I woke up early, my left ham still felt about the same, so I decided not to do any easy interval training. I may drive-test at least a couple of intervals tomorrow morning if I’m at least feeling the same. I could have done them today but erred on the side of extra rest.

I did go strength train this morning before work. While that went okay, the commute out of the southwest end of town to work resembled a nightmare. I would have been better off driving into and out of Red Rock Canyon up to Charleston Blvd. The problem with the 215 Beltway in the southwest is it was built with no over/underpasses between the interchanges, creating bottlenecks on the major roads. It doesn’t help they’ve closed lanes for construction on at least two of the inbound roads, but I’m not sure that mattered.

So driving from my base gym to work in the morning may be a problem. There are a couple other possible options for routes I have yet to try (that aren’t driving out of the way through Red Rock), but if they don’t work I may need to pivot to other gyms in the region for that morning workout.

They are also opening a gym near work in October, so I could go there during my lunch hour.

I will train on the elliptical tonight and see how that feels, as well as how I feel in the morning.

At this point I’m about 8.5 weeks from Indy, and I’m about a month removed from my last long workout (on the elliptical). Consistent easy-interval workouts through the month would be a big step forward, but the key is I need to produce some double digit mile long runs in the next month, or Indy’s going to become unlikely. If 18-20 miles is too tough a task by mid-October, I’m probably going to pull the plug on the trip and move on.

Provided the next couple of running workouts are pain free and do-able, I think I can make the needed progress. It becomes a dicey proposition if another week goes by and I’m still not running much.

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