Checking In 9/9/2021

I think the proximal hamstring (prox-ham) will be fine with a few days more of rest from any running or other serious activity, but the key to that will be rest, and that means I’ll have to skip those morning easy intervals I had planned to do until at least next week. The mild sometimes-noticeable pain is still there this morning, as it’s been each morning for the last week.

Also, Vegas is still getting residual wildfire smoke from the Caldor Fire near Tahoe, so the air quality outside isn’t particularly great anyway. And having had problems with the treadmill, I don’t want to just try running on the treadmill.

I should be clear that I’ve been able to run fine the last few weeks. The issue hasn’t affected my ability to run. What I’m worried about is the pain (however mild) persisting, in fact now being evident daily when I wake up and throughout the day… rather than something that came and went (albeit with somewhat more discomfort when it did come) some days. I need to just let it heal without any pounding on pavement (or treadmill).

However, I have been able to cross train without any discomfort, and last night I got back on the elliptical for 45 minutes, the first cross training since Milwaukee. I also got on the rowing machine for 20 minutes as a nightcap with no discomfort, and that felt great.

I’m considering cutting back on strength training and use the rowing machine more frequently for upper body development as it not only requires upper body strength but is obviously a more dynamic, aerobic movement. I’d only be worried about the sitting’s effect on my prox-ham but again I felt no discomfort yesterday during or after use. If that changes, obviously I can stop.

My plan then is to train tonight, train tomorrow night, then Saturday is a total rest day, and I’ll see how much I’m able and willing to do Sunday. If feeling better I can test the easy intervals on Sunday morning (air quality permitting), and then do a longer elliptical workout that afternoon, going into a busy next week, but even if not I can at least do a long elliptical workout.

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