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What is Drawn Dead?

I realize, having brought up my solo show Drawn Dead many times, that a lot of newer readers (especially my Chicago colleagues) probably have no idea what I’m talking about. I should explain.

Drawn Dead is a 55 minute solo theatrical storytelling show about my (real-life) experiences learning to play tournament poker (which it turned out I was pretty decent at… on a local level, at least), how that experience re-shaped how I view the world, why I gave it up and recounts the harrowing experience of re-discovering and re-learning the game during a shitty time in my life, how it led me on a stupid but eye opening trip to a regional poker festival at an Indian casino in rural Oregon, and what that trip taught me about myself. There is some embellished and at times supernatural fiction backdropping what is mostly a true story.

The show is built around a fusion of physical theatre, storytelling, dance and interactive sound design. The show was developed during my 2013 residency at Seattle’s Studio Current, with direction by colleague John Leith, and debuted at the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival to small but welcoming audiences.

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