Checking In 6/29/2021

Yesterday morning my mounted A/C unit at home wasn’t blowing air. By touch I could tell the compressor was producing cold air, but the unit simply wasn’t blowing any air. It was obviously an issue with the fan, but I had to go to work so I couldn’t address the issue before I returned home.

Upon retuning home, along with my living space now being hot, there was another compounding issue: I could smell a faint scent of exhaust. The unit was probably a loss, as the scent indicated a greater issue and that fixing it would be more than just repairing the fan motor. Plus, obviously, being hot in my space, I couldn’t spend days trying to get a tech in and hoping they could fix the problem. I needed a solution tonight.

Of course, I first went to the gym and sweated out a needed training run for Indy on the treadmill. Then I went to a nearby Home Depot and paid $355 for a quick solution: A portable 8000-BTU air conditioner.

The install went past my bedtime and there were a few almost-tears-inducing moments when I thought the unit would not be compatible for my space. But I finally got the window hose reasonably installed and the A/C worked like a charm. I barely felt like eating anything, but I took enough protein and nutrients to be able to get into bed and eventually fall asleep.

Given the late bed, the stress and long day, and that it was still fairly hot in my bedspace when I went to bed, I didn’t sleep great (and we’ll see how that impacts training today). But the A/C worked terrific overnight, probably better than my prior unit when it was working fine. It’s definitely cool in my home now, and that’s on a modest setting. I hated the purchase as a necessary evil at first but now I feel like it’s an upgrade.

Also, the scale says I lost 2 pounds from yesterday. And I had drank plenty of water. It was a tough day.

And today, while still a long day planned, is going to feel like a vacation compared to yesterday. It doesn’t help that this week is a particularly tough stretch in my training plan, training straight through until a day off on the 4th of July. I can be forgiving on executing quality workouts but I do really want to get in today’s planned fast finish run and the workout tomorrow. If I can get them done through tomorrow I’m willing to finally pivot further upcoming workouts to cross training.

At the very least, I want to finally get good sleep tonight. Perhaps the new air conditioning and an actually-cool room will make a difference.


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