Checking In 8/12/2021

My father tested positive for Coronavirus and he’s basically quarantining in his master bedroom. Per my mother his condition improved substantially over the last day (and he’s vaccinated) so things are likely to turn out okay.

I haven’t interacted with him in the last few days as he’s been out working anyway (… well, had been, until being diagnosed, and now he’s sitting home), and he’s on the other end of the house. I feel healthy, for what it’s worth, and sleep/live separately from the rest of the house. So I’m not any more worried than I generally am about living in a world where I probably encounter and pass dozens of virulent people every day. We as a society in general have never lived a risk-free life, so I don’t lose sleep over these situations unless a good reason to do so presents itself.

Last night’s elliptical session felt solid but probably took extra effort because even after a big burrito I felt like my body churned through it within an hour, and my upper body had a bit of a vibro-muscle effect that comes with being tired and in need of fuel. Because of this I didn’t get to sleep until around midnight. I tried pounding some almonds and water but that wasn’t enough, and eventually I opened up and ate a can of yellowfin tuna which appeared to finally do the trick.

According to Garmin I was actually well-rested through the day yesterday, more than usual, so perhaps that was a reason I was slow to get to sleep despite being busy yesterday and tired when I went to bed. I certainly felt fairly good throughout the day.

Training yesterday went alright, and today is a scheduled day off, so once again we’ll see how my body responds to full rest. Yesterday I planned on 80 minutes on the elliptical. My Garmin bugged out and accidentally started recording the session as a run, and I was 35 minutes in before I noticed. So I broke the workout into two sustained 40 minute sessions: I finished the first 40 minutes, re-started a new Garmin workout as elliptical like it was supposed to, and finished off the rest of the workout. I’ll have to be careful with the tracker next time to make sure this doesn’t happen again, but the workout itself while a grind went well.

My groin was a bit sore today, but my hamstring didn’t feel any pain this morning. Only when I had to jog across a street wearing my backpack did I feel any familiar pressure, and certainly no lingering pain. I’m looking forward to seeing how it feels tomorrow.

My scheduled weekend trip is all-go (if for no other reason than because I misjudged the cancellation deadline, which was yesterday evening. Whoops!). Running or not, a weekend away in a cooler climate will do me good whether or not I run at any length.

I will run Friday, this weekend, and beyond using a Galloway-style run-walk approach. I clearly see that the first few minutes of a run go fine before pressure begins to build in the affected areas, but 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off is easy to maintain without issue. I’ll just do these short intervals day over day, then gradually lengthen the intervals until distance running is once again no trouble.

Meanwhile, taking it easy today, and will probably walk out a couple breaks at most. More to come tomorrow.


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