Checking In 8/13/2021

Today will be a long day, as after work I’m hitting the road and traveling once again to cooler, high altitude climates for the weekend. I don’t foresee getting to my lodging before 9pm. Any undue delays and it could be a late night.

The added effect is because I will be driving, I won’t train tonight, giving me essentially a 2nd straight day off from training, though I may run on work breaks today.

Yesterday was meant to be a full rest day, so there was no running beyond incidental runs across the street, though I couldn’t help stopping by the gym and logging a few easy minutes on the rowing machine and spin bike to relax.

Yesterday was the first time in two weeks my legs felt totally normal, where I could take off and run fast with impunity. I did make sure not to run more than across a street or otherwise as necessary. But only first thing this morning when I felt a twinge of groin soreness shortly after awaking did I feel anything resembling pain for the first time in over a day. And even that, as I write this, has since gone away.

I still want to take it easy with running to be sure, but I may be close to all the way back. A week ago, I had enough discomfort that I wasn’t sure how long it would take. I wondered if the problem would linger for weeks. But the aggressive efforts at recovery while continuing to train however I could ended up working out well.

The plan is to run/walk tomorrow morning, enjoy some coffee and food, relax some and play the rest of the day by ear. I’ll do the same Sunday, though I’ll also check out from lodging and will have to drive back that afternoon. I’ll be close to a gym this time around, which could allow for some cross training later tomorrow as well.


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