Checking In 8/17/2021

Yesterday was probably the cleanest I’ve eaten over an entire day in a little while. A lot of circumstantial eating out, especially on my recent trips, meant I had to take what I could get. But from about Sunday afternoon when I returned from Flagstaff to today I’ve been able to prepare food at home and eat more organic whole food sources.

If I can keep this going this will hopefully help with recovery. Though I’m largely feeling better, I’m in this weird limbo where at times I feel totally okay and at times I can feel just enough pain and soreness in my groin or hamstring that I know I can’t get back to normal yet.

Yesterday I did no training and came home early after buying meat the store, which I did Sunday night as well. This is similar to how I handled eating and meal prep in Chicago, where often I’d buy what I’d plan to eat that day, maybe the next day, and then eat it in short order. This meant I rarely wasted food and it ensured I ate clean since I was buying whole unprocessed foods. I’ve already been doing it with fruit and other perishables, and it’s been working well so far.

I’m going to see how cross training on the elliptical feels tonight after work, plus some basic strength training and stretching work. I’m once again wearing no compression gear or straps today, and if I get through a cross train workout with no trouble then that’s a good sign.

I’m starting to entertain the still-distant possibility that this could derail Indy, if Coronavirus itself doesn’t derail Indy first. The only nominal loss I’d take on Indy is the race fee, as everything else can be cancelled for a refund or credit.

But while the window for peak training is beginning to close, we’re not there yet. I at least have the next month to see if I can heal and ramp back up without trouble. I’d hate to have to jog out another marathon due to circumstance, but I’m open to that if necessary.

What would I do if circumstances wiped out another marathon? I freely admit that I may just not bother running one for a while. It takes a lot of work to train for a marathon, far beyond your typical training fora typical race, just for the race to not happen. I’m already looking at plans to do different kinds of training after Indy anyway, so for now at least I’d probably just move on to what I want to do next. While concerned, I’m not particularly worried.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue with easy recovery, and we’ll see what unfolds from here.


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