Checking In 8/18/2021

A simple gaffe ended up derailing yesterday’s workout: I forgot to bring or wear my workout clothes. I also would have lost enough time going home and back to the gym that doing so after work wasn’t worth it.

While I’d otherwise work out in my slacks and t-shirt, the pants I wore yesterday were a bit tight and caused some movement issues.

So I had to shelve yesterday’s workout and take another full rest day. In fact, I had skipped taking a lunch walk for the first time in a while to sit and read at a cafe after lunch. So I was quite a bit rested for a workday.

Instead, my car’s tabs are due this month so I went after work to get a smog check, picked up some groceries and headed home.

Today I still feel the same bit of pain along my groin, the same tad bit of stiffness in my hamstring. But I did remember my workout gear today so I will in fact cross train after several days away from that. I am also wearing my compression shorts for the first time in several days, so we’ll see if the extra support helps move along a healing process that appears to have slowed.

At least the weather is cooling off after a mild heat wave this last week, so we’ll see how I feel about jogging a bit on work breaks. It’d be the first bit of running (beyond an occasional burst across a street) that I’ve done since Saturday.

Just taking things slow and looking to get over the hump on recovery.


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