Checking In 9/10/2021

I’ve previously mentioned taking Hammer Nutrition’s Tissue Rejuvenator, which combines joint-friendly nutrients glucosamine and condroitin with other antioxidants to help heal joints, tendons, ligaments, and other similar tissue.

Well, one likely reason my prox-ham pain has lingered is because I haven’t been taking it. My supply ran out a couple days before I went to Milwaukee, and I lagged on ordering more until right before I left (and this time I made sure to order a bunch, so it shouldn’t run out for a long while). The shipment only arrived yesterday, and the dose I took last night was the first I had taken in a week.

It’s a supplement, not a miracle cure, so as I expected I still feel the same prox-ham soreness I’ve consistently felt for… well, about the last week or so. But I suspect taking the Rejuvenator daily once again will help move things along after a week of stagnant-non-progress.

I test-drove a couple minutes of running on the treadmill last night before the elliptical, and while that went okay I made sure to stop before any pain or other discomfort emerged, and moved on to the elliptical for another 45 minutes. My leg didn’t feel totally comfortable, though there wasn’t any pressure or pain this time (before I stopped).

Again, I’m not doing any work break running, walking instead and giving the leg time and space to heal up fully. Being back on the Tissue Rejuvenator should help things out as well, plus tomorrow is a scheduled full day off. Tonight I plan on one more elliptical session, and though I didn’t strength train this morning I’ll see about doing so tonight if gym crowds allow.

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