Checking In 9/14/2021

As energetic as I felt Monday, I am rather tired today.

I slept fine. I actually slept fairly well. I probably shouldn’t have had tacos for dinner, but I felt like it so I did. If that alone is the cause of my energy tank I’m absolutely impressed at the anti-healing properties of beef tacos.

But it’s more likely the 3600 calories Garmin says I burned yesterday was the prime cause of the sagging energy levels today, if not also the 3300 calories I reportedly burned Sunday from my long workout.

Yesterday I was completely pain free at work! I could run normally. I went ahead and took runs on all my work breaks, and they went fine! I was thrilled. That sounds like a milestone and it felt like one, but admittedly I’m glossing over it here. I feel good today (did feel a bit sore first thing this morning but that’s once again gone), and am hoping to keep that going.

Of course, then last night I also went a full hour on the elliptical, and though I kept it short I also nightcapped a session on the rowing machine (it’s probably a good thing I did cut it short!).

Between all that, and work and commuting, I can see how I’m tired out. My dad and I also have to transport my trailer today off-site so he can have the main driveway paved, so that required a bunch of prep and cleanup.

Maybe I shouldn’t have trained the last couple days? No, if anything, knowing I won’t train today (I’m just walking out work breaks), knowing I’m taking Thursday off from training, and won’t be able to train Friday as I’ll be traveling after work that evening… it’s better off I run myself ragged now, knowing I’ve got the next few days easy.

I also am approaching the wall for Indy training, less than 8 weeks from the actual race. You can’t really prep anyone in the last couple weeks beforehand, so I basically have the next 5-6 weeks to train however much I can handle. I cross trained as best I could with the prox-ham issue over the last 7 weeks but I lost all that time.

I think at this point that if I can consistently knock out long workouts, on my feet or cross training, can starting hitting mid-length easy interval workouts plus some long runs… I think I’ll be okay for Indy. Any notions of a serious time goal are about out the window. Whatever time goal I end up with will be a function of how fit I can get myself before late October (which by the way is next month).

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