Checking In 9/12/2021

Yesterday I decided not to write at all, ending a little 34 day streak of weblogging. I got a lot of rest this weekend, even though yesterday I did work 80 minutes on the elliptical and another 20 on the rowing machine. I had considered easy intervals in the morning, but opted for coffee instead, and a brief attempt later in the morning found it was already too hot (already 91’F) to bother.

It may finally cool off to a more human temperature in Vegas this next couple weeks, but for now we’re still on the tail end of another heat wave so running longer than a few minutes hasn’t been practically possible outdoors, and as mentioned before I think running on the treadmill’s an injury risk for me right now so I don’t want to run indoors either.

After a couple weeks of little to no running, and about a week straight of waking up with prox-ham pain, I finally woke up with no leg discomfort and while it emerged I felt much less of it once I got up. I don’t feel any right now. And bear in mind: I cross trained for almost 2 hours yesterday plus ran a tiny bit, so you’d think that might aggravate it instead.

I think if I feel okay I may try a work break run or two today. If I feel at all sore at my breaks, I won’t run and will just walk them as usual out of caution. But I need to start transitioning all this cross training aerobic fitness back into my running with actually running-specific… well, running. If I want to run Indy, I need to spend these weeks running however much I reasonably can.

I plan once again to go out of town this weekend, once again with the goal to run long. I imagine any long run will require several in-run breaks because I haven’t done any extended running in a while, but I’ve done the same thing in Big Bear just fine so I’m not concerned. If I run/walk/run/rest/etc my way to a solid 2-3 hours of running, I’ll be fairly satisfied with where I’m at.

Meanwhile, I do want to do a lot of quality training in this week, though no sense in running myself into the ground midweek and leaving myself tapped out of a long weekend workout. I want to stretch the elliptical workouts to 60 minutes, continue the brief rowing machine nightcaps as that seems to be going well, and do whatever running I can during this week. That doesn’t seem like such a stretch over last and previous weeks that I’d be burned out. I can take it easy Thursday and Friday, travel Friday, then be ready for Saturday and Sunday.

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