Checking In 10/7/2021

Last night I got to the gym… and didn’t walk in the door for another 45 minutes.

Instead, I went for a run in the neighborhood and logged close to 6K before looping back to the gym, going a few minutes on the rowing machine and stretching out. My right hamstring ached some yesterday but I had no problem running with it.

While granted the weather is now cooler so this couldn’t have worked before now, this ended up working fairly well, and I’ll probably do this going forward. If for some reason running isn’t working on a given day, I’m very close to the gym so I can just head back and use the elliptical instead.

Yesterday I also got to work early and went on a brief pre-work run. The climate and temperature was not only too good but loosely matched the expected conditions for Indy (cool, some humidity). Doing this run felt quite a bit better physically than the break runs (and I still did a couple of those during work yesterday). So I’d like to also do these pre-work runs on training days going forward, and then just take it easy on lunch breaks as I’ve been doing the last couple weeks.

Today is a scheduled rest day from training (which I guess is good because I feel worn out this morning), and I’ve got laundry and other errands to attend to tonight. Tomorrow I have more evening errands so (break runs aside) I won’t be able to train too much tomorrow. Saturday will be a swing day, where depending on feel I’ll either train long or take it easy and probably train more like a weekday. Sunday is also a scheduled rest day from training. A lot of rest!

Next week will be peak week: Wall to wall weekday training, Saturday a day of rest if needed, and then a tough long workout that Sunday. If I can go 16+ miles without significant trouble that weekend, I should be in a good place for Indy.

I’ve decided for now not to travel that weekend, though weather and other motivations could change my mind before then. A day trip somewhere is also not out of the question, and that requires far less planning. I’m also not taking days off work that weekend, so any possible trip would be a pure weekender.

More to come as I figure it out.

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