Checking In 10/8/2021

Even after sneaking over to the gym and riding the spin bike easy for half an hour, yesterday was a fairly restful day. The laundry I was going to do could wait until the weekend.

Garmin logs your stress according to restful periods, low stress, medium stress, high stress. Usually, I only log about 6-8 hours total restful time (which includes sleep), and bear in mind stress comes not just from your daily living and recovery following exercise, but from digesting food.

However, yesterday I logged over 10 restful hours. I don’t think that’s a record, but it’s probably close. So, even with meals and the workday, even not being able to get to sleep for some reason until close to 11pm, I had a fairly restful day. After some initial grogginess this morning after waking up a bit late (6am), I feel pretty good, and my body battery started at 89, which for me lately is fairly good as I’ve been averaging in the 50’s. I had been feeling fairly tired the last couple days, so it’s great to feel substantially better.

I decided to ride the restful wave and not run this morning before work, even though the conditions (60-65°F, 50% humidity, overcast following rain overnight) are basically perfect for a run. That’ll reduce projected training volume a little bit, but at this point I’m aiming for this to be a down week.

My hamstrings have had for a couple days this slight lingering ache, which I vastly prefer to being injured. For the next couple days I’m going to err training on the side of caution and see if I can heal all the way up going into next week’s gauntlet. I still have some long cross training planned, but I’ll play running by ear.

I switched up my supplements after running out of my usual Cal-Mag Citrate. I went with a generic magnesium glycinate standalone plus a Calcium Citrate and D3 supplement from Sprouts, and I’ll stick with that for the next month or two before deciding to stick with it or switch back.

Tonight after some quick errands (a running theme this week) I’ll do some cross training at the gym, and tomorrow I have to take my car in for service, which will either break up tomorrow’s training into smaller portions or push it all back to the afternoon.

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