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Checking In 8/6/2021

I’m a littler sorer than yesterday, I’m still moving better than 2-3 days ago pre-compression-shorts. It’s worth noting I did a tougher (upper body) strength workout last night than in previous days, plus it included my first set of goblet squats since the problem began. Those were done without any problems, though I can understand feeling a little sore in the legs!

The key difference is that it’s soreness rather than the pain of an injury. I can certainly tell the difference. If I take a couple days of no training, at least one day where I’m off my feet for most of it, both days with aggressive recovery nutrition (protein, antioxidants, etc)I imagine I’d feel markedly better.

I think by that point I can clearly tell that, if I’m not markedly better, I have a more serious issue and need to shut down even further. However, I feel like there’s been some improvement, even if the aches and pains seem to be moving around the affected area.

I’m open to just not training on the elliptical tonight, with tomorrow a scheduled day off, if I’m still feeling sore after work. But if I’m feeling fine this evening, I’ll train tonight. As mentioned before, I have no pain on the elliptical. I also probably won’t do a hard strength workout tonight, which will help some.

I had a thought on the side effects of Coronavirus vaccines, as people’s reasonable concerns (there are obviously a lot of popular, unreasonable ones) center largely around the long-term health risks and ramifications of the mRNA vaccines’ side effect on your body.

How Coronavirus itself infects and affects individuals largely comes down to the person’s existing health and conditions. If they have poor health and one or more comorbities, they’re typically more likely to suffer serious illness and death from any form of the Coronavirus than someone who is in better health. And people who have serious gaps in their health habits and immune system are generally more susceptible to serious problems regardless of how healthy they generally are.

As for side effects from the vaccine itself, I think it might be a similar situation. If you have serious gaps in your immune system and health habits, if your health is generally poor, then a vaccine’s probably going to cause you more side effects and problems than it will for someone with a more robust immune system. There’s a (pun not intended) sick irony to that, as the people who need the vaccine the most are likely the same people who are more likely to suffer its worst side effects and risks.

Whether you choose to take the Coronavirus vaccine or not, it’s important to eat a complete diet and supplement as necessary to make sure you have built up a robust immune system, not just to combat any illness but to best handle any vaccinations you choose to get.

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Ten Things You Should Do To Survive the 2nd Wave of Coronavirus

This is not necessarily a post about running, but more of a general health post. To some extent it definitely applies to everybody.

With regard to the Coronavirus and our continued lockdowns, I think re-opening society now is the right decision, even though I am certain a new dangerous wave of COVID-19 will hit the world in the fall or winter. And I don’t think it will make much difference how much we’re outside our homes during summer. Though instituting lockdowns was probably a smart decision, staying locked down now isn’t benefitting us.

We are actually a lot safer mingling in hotter conditions, especially given most will want to do so outdoors. As with most illnesses, the public exposure risk of Coronavirus is largely tied to people being confined together in close quarters for extended periods of time.

While the virus is continuously mutating and other strains of the virus are spreading now, these current mutations are not as substantially dangerous as the wave that forced our lockdowns in March. Our immune systems are equipped to handle it. However, I do believe a new wave will come later this year that probably will be dangerous and kill many.

Your health is the key

I also realize that the vast majority of the people who have died from the Coronavirus carried a variety of other health problems:

  • Many were of elderly age
  • Many are overweight or obese
  • Many have other contributing health problems that led to COVID-19 killing them

Some health problems aren’t necessarily curable or preventable. Obviously, you can’t avoid getting old. Of course, some chronic health conditions are not preventable. Immuno-compromising conditions make getting any illness or health issue a potential grave danger.

However, a lot of health conditions stem from obesity, poor diet and poor lifestyle habits. All of the above are avoidable and (at least over a long period of time) curable.

Anyone significantly concerned about the Coronavirus, whether they feel personally at substantial risk or believe that loved ones are at substantial risk, needs to approach this summer as their one opportunity to safeguard themselves against a likely 2nd wave of Coronavirus this winter.

If you’re out of shape… if you’re overweight… if your diet is poor… if you have health conditions stemming from any of the above… now is the time to tackle your personal health and improve these issues as best you can now, before the next seriously dangerous wave of the virus strikes later this year.

The 10 Things That Can Help You Survive A 2nd Coronavirus Wave

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