Checking In 8/30/2021

Good morning once again from Vegas. I got in yesterday around 2pm with temperatures a nice balmy 108°F.

I had barely enough energy to go to the gym and strength train plus see how much energy I had for the elliptical, but it looked like a 12 minute shakeout was all I had. Circulation and hormone production is basically my only main goal with these workouts between now and Labor Day so I left it at that. The only groceries I got were water. I went home, turned in very early, and was out before 8pm.

Today I’m more generally sore, in some part from Saturday’s run and adventure but probably also from Sunday’s excursion and workout plus the relative lack of rest. I did make a point to spend more time in bed the last couple evenings/mornings but Saturday was arguably my busiest day by calories burned since I converted to Garmin in late 2019.

I also haven’t felt like eating as much, so I did skip breakfast Sunday and didn’t eat a proper meal until after I returned to Vegas, plus last night’s dinner was a bit light. I focused more on hydration, and slept reasonably well last night. Other than pizza, I also didn’t eat as much Saturday as my calorie burn would indicate I needed. I did lose a couple pounds over the weekend.

Today I’m taking a full rest day from training and running errands before and after work. I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow and Wednesday for more swolework and however much elliptical feels good on those given days. I’ll take another day off from training Thursday and then probably one more easy elliptical session Friday before flying out Saturday morning.

I don’t plan to run this week, except maybe a few work break miles here or there. I want to see if the hamstring can just heal up completely. I’ll risk making it to the line being woefully undertrained, though I’m certain my training up to Saturday was the most I could do for this weekend under the circumstances. No training from here to next weekend is going to better prepare me, or anything aside from keep myself sharp and spur recovery.


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