Checking In 8/31/2021

Unfortunately my groin (the left adductor) started randomly acting up again during the day yesterday and still feels a bit sore.

In this case I can trace it back to two things. 1) Sunday’s strength training, where I did abductor presses and because of where I had the machine pads set my adductors got involved when they shouldn’t have. I did fix the pad problem after a set, but I may have strained the adductor a bit in the process. 2) Some of my errands and cleaning up yesterday required some squatting that may have activated or aggravated the area a bit more than I planned. I didn’t feel any discomfort while doing it, but I imagine it didn’t help with recovery.

It’s also worth noting that I didn’t feel any pain there after Saturday’s run or at all during the weekend, even after the Sunday strength training.

So that groin pain is probably not from this weekend’s run, and it’ll probably resolve with more rest. My hamstring feels fine, a bit stiff perhaps, but no issue there.

I plan on strength training and a light elliptical session tonight to keep things circulating. Though I’ll keep workday activity to a minimum, I’ll see how much I want to do this evening (certainly no leg work in strength training tonight!).

Energy wise, I feel good after a good night’s sleep. I’ve been eating lighter dinners the last couple days, fulfilling but lighter than usual, and reasonably clean meals. I imagine this has helped with sleep, and in turn with my energy. I’ve also keep off the few pounds I’ve lost over the weekend, indicating I’ve reduced overall inflammation.

So I’ll take it easy and hope for better conditions tonight and tomorrow, ahead of this weekend’s half.


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