Checking In 10/4/2021

Yesterday I ground out 80 minutes on the elliptical and (for the first time in a week or so) strength training. My legs still a little bit sore this morning, but nothing that should stop me from training.

… well, nothing but forgetting my running shorts! Again! I did this a couple weeks ago, and though going home to get them after work and then going to the gym isn’t a hassle, doing so does waste valuable time and limits what I can do when I get to the gym.

I like to form habits that avoid forgetting things like this. For example, I’ll stow key items for work in my backpack so I don’t end up forgetting them, since I take my backpack to work and they’ll obviously be there.

The only reason I haven’t done the same for my shorts is when I get home I usually just came from the gym so I’m wearing them. I don’t always think to take them off and put them in my backpack. I should, obviously.

I only own a couple pairs of shorts anyway, so perhaps this is a sign to go before work or during lunch and buy another pair of training shorts. Then when I get home I can stash two pairs of my shorts in the bag so I have an “emergency pair”.

Tonight I’m riding the elliptical and strength training again, and will see how I feel tomorrow, when Vegas should be a lot cooler and the post-work evening should be closer to training conditions. Presuming I feel okay and the temperatures are acceptable, I have plans to run and then possibly sneak over to the gym afterward.

With 33 days to go until Indy, even after 3+ hours of training Saturday I remain concerned about readiness for the race. The main goal this week is to knock out back to back to back 45-90 minute aerobic or running sessions, and possibly get some of that running done outside.

If I get to Thursday feeling okay and having trained well I’ll see how long I can go this weekend, though Plan A right now is not to go terribly long Saturday or Sunday. So if I’m not feeling up to a long workout, then it fits, so long as I get in 45+ minute sessions both weekend days. The next weekend in Vancouver will include a long workout.

If possible I’m going to once again stay off the treadmill. I got what I needed out of it this weekend, and while the workouts were strong and beneficial, I don’t want to push any injury risks if running outside is going to do my body better.

More to come.

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