I’m not going to Vancouver this month after all

Well, never mind! Quick update: It looks like I won’t be going to Vancouver this month.

I ran into a couple of complications with logistics surrounding the trip and Covid testing, so for now (because this was supposed to be a vacation, after all) it’s not going to be worth the trouble or stress. I decided not to make the trip and risk putting myself in a bad spot. I can put that weekend to much better use otherwise.

I’m open to traveling somewhere else that weekend, though it’s worth noting with Vegas cooling down that surrounding areas are also cooling down. Flagstaff that week is dropping to highs in the 40’s with lows in the 20’s, which even for me is starting to get cold.

Most of all, the original intent of these road trips was to escape the Vegas heat for long runs, and that should be gone with highs in Vegas dropping to the 60’s. I should have little trouble running long in that. Sure, I could go somewhere like L.A., but L.A.’s honestly annoying.

As much as I’d like to take the days off work anyway, I’d rather not spend them sitting at home or milling around town, when I can do that anytime. I could just work through as usual and focus on training that week, and take some other days off later in the year following Indy.

I’m not totally sure yet and will need to think about it. But one thing for sure is I’m not going to Vancouver this month after all.

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